ESS/MSS Course Outline (40 Hours)

Portal & ESS/MSS Introduction

  1. Project Planning for ESS/MSS: Introduction and Overview
  2. EP/ESS/MSS patches information -
  3. Setting up the Business Packages.
  4. ESS/MSS deployment on EP
  5. Setting up the Java Connectors: JCO
  6. Verification of the ESS/MSS folders and patches
  7. Authorizations for ESS/MSS on EP and R/3
  8. List of applications on ESS/MSS
  9. ESS framework
  10. Custom / Standard Applications: when to use what?

 ESS -Employee Self Service
Home Page for Self Services

  1. Area Group Pages
  2. Areas
  3. Subareas
  4. Services
  5. Resources
  6. Add or Hiding Applications in the framework and EP.

 ESS -(Service specific settings)

  1. Address Book: Who is Who (2)
  2. Working Time: PTARQ in Brief (4-Apply, 4-Approve)
  3. Leave Quota (1)
  4. Determine Approver
  5. Post Documents
  6. End Processes: To automatically stop leave request workflows with status:Rejected
  7. PTARQ- Display list of request, Create request, Time accounts, Calendar, Team Calendar, Attendance Overview

 MSS - Manager Self Service

  1. UWL
  2. Attendance Overview
  3. Employee General Info
  4. Leave Approval
  5. MSS other applications.

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