SAP HR - Advance Canadian Payroll

SAP Canadian Payroll Training Course Outline

Payroll Basics

    -Introduction to Payroll Concepts

    -SAP Payroll Concepts

 Personnel Calculation Rules

    -Introduction to Personnel Calculation Rules

    -Internal Payroll Tables and Function PIT

    -Maintenance of Personnel Calculation Rules

Starting Payroll

    -Setting Up Payroll

    -Reading the Master Data into Internal Tables

Valuation of Wage Types

    -Valuation Using Constant Remuneration

    -Person-related Valuation Bases

Absence Valuation

    -Valuating Absences

Time Wage Type Selection

    -Introducing Time Wage Type Selection

    -Time Wage Type Selection Using Rules

Average Processing

    -Remuneration Using Averages

    -Average Calculation Rules


    -Introduction to Factoring

    -Personal Calculation Rules for Factoring

Cumulation Wage Types

    -Cumulating and Storing Wage Types


    -Calculating Retroactive Accounting Differences

Post payroll activities

Payroll Driver

Payroll implementation approach

Payroll Schema

Canadian Taxation

-Provincial and federal

Real Time / common Production issues, transport issues

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