HCM / HR Course Curriculum by ERPMastering


Organization Management

OM Infotypes

Creation of Organization Structure

Creation of Organizational Unit

Creation of Job

Creation of Position

Creation of Task

Creation of Work Center

Creation of Cost Center

Creation of Task Catalogue

Maintain Relationships

Maintain Time Constraint Classes

Maintain Plan Version

Maintain Number Ranges

Maintain Sub-Types

Maintain Evaluation paths

Personnel Administration

Creation of Enterprise Structure, Company Code, Personnel Area, Personnel Sub-Area, Employee Groups, Employee Sub-Groups

Understanding & Configuration of PA Infotypes

Infotype 0000 (Actions)

Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)

Infotype 0002 (Personal Data)

Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status)

Infotype 0006 (Addresses)

Infotype 0007 (Planned Working Time)

Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay)

Infotype 0009 (Bank Details)

Infotype 0014 (Recurr. Patments / Deductions)

Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments / Deductions)

Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements)

Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Tasks)

Infotype 0021 (Family)

Infotype 0022 (Education)

Infotype 0023 (Previous Employment)

Infotype 0024 (Qualifications)

Infotype 0041 (Date Specifications)

Infotype 0077 (Additional Personal Data)

Infotype 0094 (Residence Status - NA)

Infotype 0102 (Grievances NA)

Infotype 0105 (Communications)

Understanding InfoGroups

Understanding Dynamic Actions

Understanding Header Modifications

Understanding Screen Modifications

Time Management

Time Management Introduction, Types of Leaves, Leave Allotment & Processing, Over Time.

Positive Time Management, Negative Time Management.

Infotypes in Time Management.

Infotype 2000 Attendances.

Infotype 2001 Absences.

Infotype 2002 Attendance Off-Site.

Infotype 2003 Substitutions.

Infotype 2004 Availability.

Infotype 2005 Over Time.

Infotype 2006 Absence Quota.

Infotype 2007 Attendance Quota.

Infotype 2012 Time Transfers.

Infotype 2013 Quota Corrections.

Infotype 0050 Time Recordings.

Infotype 2011 Time Events.

Schemas and PCRs in Time Management.

Leave Entitlement, Absences, Absence Quotas, Counting Rules, Deduction Rules

Compensatory Off / On Call, Over Time Configuration, Leave Quota Carry Forward and Time Evaluation


Introduction to Benefits, General Benefit, Flex Benefit, Benefit Area.

Infotypes in Benefits

Infotype 171 General Benefits Infotype

Infotype 167 Health Plans

Infotype 168 Insurance Plan

Infotype 169 Savings Plan

Infotype 170 FSA

Infotype 236 Credit Plan

Infotype 377 Misc Plan

Infotype 378 Benefits Adjustment Reasons

Infotype 379 Stock Options

Infotype 442 Company Car

Infotype 211 Cobra

Infotype 212 Cobra

Types of Plans and Configuration, Health Plan, Insurance Plan, Saving Plan, Credit Plan, Misc Plan, Stock Purchase Plan, Flex Spending Accounts, Holiday Plan, Pension Plan, COBRA Plan


Entering payroll data
- Organizing a live payroll run
- Payroll process
- Payroll reports
- Posting payroll results to accounting
- Bank transfers
- Process models
- Payroll scenarios

Training and Event Management

Configuration of Master Data (Organization structure / Enterprise structure /personnel structure)


Personnel Development

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