1. Process-Oriented Authorization Concept
Requirements for Authorization Concepts
Interest Groups

Content Requirements

Process Analysis

Role Definition

Naming Conventions

Critical Success Factors

2. General Authorization Check


Role Maintenance

Role Assignment

Composite Roles

Reference Roles

Authorization Objects

Transaction Authorizations

Infotype Authorization in Personnel


Additional Authorization Objects for Master

and Time Data

HR: Cluster - Cluster Authorization Object


Personnel Planning (PLOG)

Required System Authorizations

Checks when Calling Reports

Access to InfoSets and Queries

Table Maintenance


Customizing Authorizations in the

Implementation Guide (IMG)

Batch Input Authorizations

Authorization for Download and Upload

Number Range Maintenance

HCM-Specifi c Authorizations for System


Customizing the Profi le Generator

Period of Responsibility and Time Logic

Test Procedures (Infotype )

Necessity and Functionality


Authorization Assignment

Automatic Writing of the Test Procedure



The Authorization Object P_NNNNN

Customer-Specifi c Authorization Object

BAdI for General Authorization Checks

Critical Success Factors

3. Structural Authorization Check

Structural Authorization Check in Organizational


Maintaining the Structural Profi les

Function Modules

Transfer to Other Structures in SAP ERP HCM

Use in Personnel Administration

Assigning Structural Profi les to Users

Period of Responsibility and Time Logic

How the Structural Authorization Check Handles

Nonintegrated Persons

Performance Optimization


Critical Success Factors

4. Context-Dependent Authorization Check


Setup and Maintenance

Other Context-Dependent Authorization Objects

Critical Success Factors

5. Authorization Roles in SAP HCM Components

Payroll and Subsequent Activities

Authorizations for Controlling Payroll and Its

Subsequent Activities

Authorizations for Maintaining and Displaying


Authorizations for Auditors

Authorization for Deleting Payroll Results

Appraisal System

Position Budgeting and Control

Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS)


SAP Roles

Authorization Objects

User Types

SAP Expert Finder

HR Administrative Services

Management of Global Employees

Manager's Desktop

Organizational Management (OM)

Performance Management

Personnel Administration and Time Management

Recruitment (Classic)

Shift Planning

Personnel Development

Human Resources Information System/Reporting

Logical databases

SAP Reports Without Logical Database

The Authorization Object P_ABAP

Reporting Basics

Personnel Cost Planning

Self Services

Travel Management

Training and Event Management/SAP Learning


Overview of the Authorization Objects

Important Standard Roles


6. Implementing an Authorization Concept

Preparations in the System

Central User Administration

Authorization Administrators

Initial Installation of the Profile Generator

Creating Organizational Levels

Creating and Testing Roles


Documentation and Redesigning

Critical Success Factors

7. Reports for the Authorization System

Analysis of Users with Critical Authorizations

Overview of the Most Vital Authorizations of a User

Overview of all Authorization Objects of a User

Roles by Complex Selection Criteria

Assignment of Single Roles to Composite Roles

Additional Reports

Critical Success Factors

8. Authorizations in Programming

Authorizations in Reports without Logical


SAP Function Modules with Authorization


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