SAP Business Intelligence


General Introduction

SAP Introduction

Data Warehousing/ BW/ BI Introduction

Objects, Master data, Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies

Data Modeling

InfoObjects: Definitions

Types: Characteristics, Key Figures, Time, and Unit.

InfoCubes: Definitions.

Types: Standards, Real time, Remote.

Design of InfoCube: Star Schema concepts


Types: Standards, Real time


MultiProviders: Scenarios to create Multiproviders

Infocube VS DSO

Standard Naming conventions in SAP and BI


Metadata and Document Management

Business Content: Definitions, How to install BI contents

MetaData Repository: Searching for MetaData

Data Extraction

Data Extraction from SAP Source Systems

Data Extraction from Non-SAP Source Systems

Data Extraction from SAP Flat Files

LO Cockpit

LO Extraction

Generic Extraction

DataSource Enhancement

Defining Transfer Rule & Update Rule

Creating Transfer Rule

Creating Update Rule
Transformation, DTP

Routines in Transfer Rule and Update Rule

Routines in InfoPackage

Creating InfoSource

Defining Data Flow

Creating Process Chains

Schedule Automatic Load

Full Load & Delta Load


The OLAP Concept and differences between OLAP and OLTP

Scheduling and Monitoring

Checking process chain runs

Monitor for extraction processes

Performance Optimization:


Performance during Data load and in Reporting

Data Model for Performance: Line Item Dimensions, Navigational attributes

BW Statistics: Query Analysis Tools, Performance Tables

Reporting Performance: Effective query design, Line-Item, Compression, Partitioning

Data Load Performance: Parallelism, Impact of Aggregates


Setting up standard authorizations

Defining analysis authorizations

Creating Authorization Role


Transport Objects from Development to QA and Production Server

Discussion real time Transport Problems

Transport Sequence

BI SUITE: Business Explorer

Bex Query Designer

Queries: New queries, Restricting Characteristics, Formulas and Exception Cells

Query Design: Defining Exceptions, Conditions, Restricted and Calculated Key Figures

Variables: The Variable Wizard, Variable Types and Processing Types, query Properties

Component Properties: Properties of Characteristics, Attributes, Structure, Formula, Key Figures

Structures: Creating Re-Usable Structures

Functions on BW Server: Copying queries between Cubes, Deleting Query Elements

Bex Analyzer

Execute Queries

Creating Workbooks

Save multiple queries in Workbook

Workbook Design

Web Application Designer

WAD: Functions of WAD, Web Items Window, Template Window, Properties Window

Web Applications: Creating Web Applications, Settings, Style sheets, Symbols and Properties

Design: Designing the Layout of Web Templates, working with Library for Web Items

Web Items: Tables, Filters, Check boxes, Dropdown Box and other web items and their attributes

Bex Report Designer

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