SAP BASIS / NetWeaver Technology - Course Curriculum

SAP BASIS / NetWeaver Introduction

Application Servers, Central Instance, Dialog Instance

NWA architecture

Message Servers

Database Servers

System Landscape - One, two and three Tier Landscape

Processes - Dispatcher, Work, System etc

Client Concept

Transport Management System

Security /Authorizations

WAS - Web Application Server technology

WAS - Architecture and Administration functions



Central/Dialog/App server Concept

Starting & stopping SAP Web AS

Prerequisite Information gathering

Hosts and Services Files

Directory Structure of SAP systems


Installation of database and database patches

Installing SAP WEB AS


Post Installation Steps

User Administration

Basics of User Administration.

Creation, deletion, copy, lock/unlock and

Password management.

Mass users administration & user group creation.

Client Administration

Client Concept

Creating Clients

Prerequisite for Client Copy


Client Export/Import
Copy Logs and monitoring of Client Copy

Transport Management System

Transports Concept

Setting up TMS

Configuring TMS, Creating Domain Controller, defining Transport routes

Setting of Remote Connections using RFC's.

Logical system creation and assignment to client.

Introduction to Change request & creation, Client Transport using Export and Import,

Remotely Copying Client.

Differneces between Client Transport and Remote Client Copy.

Change request transport special function- Extended Transport Control.

SAP Directories.

Transport, files, Data, Bin, EPS, Inbox.

Profile, Run, Oracle Home Directory, Work, Instance etc.

Support packs and Add-ons

Different types of Support packs

Applying Support packs

SPAM / SAINT (Add-on installation tool)

System Monitoring

Daily / Weekly and Monthly Monitoring

ST22, SM50, SM21, SM12, SM13, RZ10, SM35, SM59 etc.

CCMS and Performance Tuning

System Profile parameter maintenance

Performance analysis - ST02, ST03, ST05, ST03N, STAT

Setting up SAP Connect - SCOT

SAP Logon Load balancing - SMLG.

Background Jobs

Creating Background Jobs - SM36 and SM37

Job Management

Spool Administration

Concept of SAP Spool System architecture


Language Installation

Concept of Languages in SAP

SMLT and Installation of Locales on OS

Database Administration

Oracle database Concepts

Monitoring tablespaces


DB activities

OSS Note Application

Applying OSS notes manually



Finding Solutions, creating new messages

Early watch reports

Kernel Upgrades

Starting and Stopping SAP and database.

Backup Old kernel and apply latest kernel files.

Server Backup

Using Third Party tools, SAP BR Tools

System Copy


Authorization Concept

User Administration

Creating Roles


CUA Concept


Procedure for Project

Project Phases
Requirement Analysis


Interview Questions
Sample Resume and resume preparation

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