1. Procurement Process General view

  • Basics of procurement

  • Master data (material, supplier, info record)

  • Procurement process for stock material

  • Procurement process for consumable material

  • Procurement process for external services

  • Automated procurement process

2. Sales Order Process General view

  • Organizational structures in sales and distribution

  • Working with customer master data and material master data in sales

  • Overview of the process chain for sales order processing

  • Presales activities, order processing, procurement, delivery, billing, payment

  • Introduction to pricing in sales and distribution

  • Introduction to the availability check

  • Sales and distribution processing with make-to-order production

  • Credit memo processing and returns processing

  • Introduction to sales and distribution reporting

3. Logistics Execution General view

  • Organizational units and master data in Logistics Execution

  • Mapping goods receipt and goods issue processes in SAP ERP (warehouse management, delivery processing, and transport)

  • Monitoring these processes in the warehouse activity monitor

  • Introduction to mobile data entry and cross docking

  • Overview of Handling Unit Management

4. Primary & Secondary distribution with SAP Oil&Gas

  • Oil Company Structure and Logistics

  • Physical Oil and Gas Commodity Trading

  • International Export/Import Operations (raw material)

  • Bulk Supply Chain Management (Inbound Distribution)

  • Refinery: silo management, refining, internal movements

  • Primary Distribution/Terminal Management

  • Exchange agreements

  • Import/ Export Operations (finished products)

  • Secondary Distribution (finished products)

  • Service Station Retailing

  • Bulk Supply Chain Reporting and Analytics

5. SAP Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution Overview

  • Concept of Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution

  • Tele Sales: Handling of taking orders, quotations and contracts; Notepad; Working with the customer history; Pre Scheduling of Delivery; Collective Orders; Working with Map & Guide

  • Data Collation: Concept of Data Collation; Data Collation report types; Working with item categories; Business Process description

  • Tour Planning: Integration into Tele Sales; Route Planning; Route Optimization

  • Sales Logistics Cockpit: Best Buy, Multireference

  • Consumption Forecast

6. Trading & Scheduling with SAP for Oil and Gas

  • Overview on SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) for the Oil and Gas Industry focusing on the Traderīs and Schedulerīs roles and tasks

  • TSW master data

  • Nomination and Ticket concept and use of the Nomination and Ticketing functionality

  • TSW Planning and reporting tools: SPW (Stock Projection Worksheet), Three-Way Pegging, Dynamic Scheduling as well as the Work list process and functionality

  • TSW integration with SAP APO and Triple Point Commodity SL

  • Oil Pipeline Scenarios in the system using the functionality described above

  • Rail Car business processes managed using TSW

  • Oil Marine Scenarios using the functionalities described above

  • Set up the system (Customizing) so that the corresponding Scenarios (Pipeline and Marine) run the way you want

  • TSW integration with other SAP Applications

  • Gas Transportation Process

  • TSW enhancement with a Scheduling Cockpit- and Pipeline Visualization Tool (Services provided by SAP consulting)

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