ABAP WebDynpro Trainer

Job Number :ERP22

Location Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Start Date 2011/10/10
Security Clearance N/A
Duration Ongoing
Date Posted 2011/09/23

Position Description:

ERPMastering is looking for SAP Web Dynpro Trainer

ERPMastering is looking for SAP Web Dynpro Trainer. Must be available to travel client site for a week or two.

Only experienced candidates need to apply.
Should have Expertise / knowledge on the following:

* Web Dynpro component architecture
* Create and use Web Dynpro controllers
* Navigation
* Definition of the Web Dynpro user interface (UI)
* Input help and semantic help
* Component reuse
* Sending popups
* Configuration and personalization
* Changing context and UI at runtime
* Enhancements
* Integration the SAP List Viewer for Web Dynpro ABAP
* Portal integration

If you are interested, please send your resume at jobs@erpmastering.com or refer your friend if you know any.